Deceased Customer Identification Service

Estate DatabaseDeceased Database

The Deceased Customer Identification Service (DCIS) proprietary technology & processes are used to verify deceased customers. Our Death Index databases are updated daily and reveal date-of-birth and date-of-death information, name of the deceased, as well as the county and state in which they passed away.

Find deceased persons faster and more efficiently through the use of our multiple deceased databases.

The database scrub processes include the following:

  • SSDI
  • Death Certificate database
  • National Estate database
  • Notice to Creditors database
  • U.S. Obituary database

Death Certificate Database

Death Certificate database is a proprietary death certificate database warehouse. Every death certificate received is scanned and stored in the database for easy retrieval. Other information extracted from the death certificates include date of death, survivor’s name, and the cause of death.

National Estate Database

EIS developed a proprietary database with millions probate data points to essentially become the premier source of estate data. The National Estate database has proven to be the fastest growing, and most accurate estate database in the U.S..

​Our database includes claim numbers, pertinent dates such as letters granted date, filing dates, first publication dates. Other information estate attorney information and court appointed executors and the current or final status of the estate that ultimately confirm the deceased customers.

Notice to Creditors Database

Our NTC Database is a proprietary piece of technology that captures Notice to Creditor information. It searches over 500 sources of online publications including metro area publications to maximize high data volume. NTC Database information is transferred to our National Estate Database on a daily basis.

US Obituary Database

EIS applies an obituary scrub to better identify the surviving family members and their relationship to the deceased. The scrub enhances the accuracy of our survivor contact strategy.

A confidence score is performed to validate the OBIT Scrub to check against common names and reduce the occurrence of false positives.