Estate Information Services (EIS) is a progressive account receivables management business located in Columbus, Ohio. EIS is a long standing member of the American Collection Association (ACA) and has a reputation as a trusted partner and leading service provider in the ARM industry. EIS has established partnerships with the world’s largest, most sophisticated financial services organizations, including major banks and credit card companies, as well as leading providers in other industries.

EIS has been named as a diversity supplier of the year by a top five creditor and has received numerous awards for quality assurance excellence. We have participated on the advisory boards of respected creditors and government agencies.  EIS has been recognized as a leading organization for the contributions to process and control management.

Our debt service portfolios consist of late stage collections, bankruptcy, and we offer a full service of products related to deceased account management. Some of the debts types we service include credit card, auto loan, mortgage, student loans, and medical debt. We are licensed to collect in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico

EIS has spent the past 15 years engineering our operational structure in order to achieve peak performance and maximum optimization. We leverage our call center experience, data analytics, and technology to exceed expectations and push the boundaries of operational excellence.

In addition, EIS has developed innovative technology assets and tools as it relates to successful ARM performance. Our technology structure has allowed us to expand the limits of innovation and continues to provide a competitive advantage in liquidation performance, inventory management, and overall systemic compliance.

The foundation of how we approach account receivables management is to provide the maximum level of transparency in every contact with our clients and their customers. EIS has an enhanced approach to providing a positive customer experience in order to protect the brand of our clients and because…it’s the right way to do business.

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