Probate Recovery

Probate RecoveryBrankruptcy Debt Collection

EIS has spent over a decade engineering our operational structure in order to achieve peak performance and maximum optimization. We leverage our probate knowledge, call center experience, data analytics, and technology to exceed expectations and push the boundaries of operational excellence.

The first step to the recovery of probate debt is to locate the estate through the EstateTrace process. The claim form is then systematically matched and produced, prepared in our claim assure process, and then filed with the county probate court.

Formal Estate

When our EstateTrace efforts locate an estate, the account is assigned within our Estate Collections Groups and legal assistants work directly with the probate courts, estate attorneys, and court appointed executors.

Estate agents have been recruited and trained specifically to work within the legal process.

Claim Assure

Once an estate is located, EIS takes the step of protecting the claims filed in probate court. The claim preparation controls ensure that all court-required documents are produced, reviewed, and validated for accuracy and compliance. To make auditing easier, the notary process is videotaped and appended to each account.

Non-Formal Estate

When our EstateTrace efforts have not yet located an estate, the account is assigned to our non-formal estate agents. Agents follow up with the surviving members to determine if an estate will be filed in the future. They also provide final resolution options.

The family recoveries agents have been trained specifically for the non-estate probate process. EIS agents have been trained specifically for the non-formal estate probate process and are committed to a positive customer experience.