Industry norms are evolving where simply maintaining compliant results is not acceptable. EIS has established an application framework for compliance management program that is establishes a measurable confidence that is control and structured.

Each component of our Compliance Management Program addresses a specific subject area which needs to be structured and measured. Our Compliance Management Program brings viable components together to meet new industry norms and expectations.

  • License and Policy Documentation Management System
  • Call Quality Management
  • Special Event Administration
  • Internal and External Audit Management
  • Employee Training Administration
  • Information Security Management
  • Change Management Administration
  • Vendor Management

The Compliance Management Program framework organizes compliance activities to accomplish a specific set of goals.

  • Prepare structured process workflows for all compliance activities
  • Track all compliance events and artifacts
  • Produce metrics and enable analytic, measurable compliance management
  • Enable cost effective support to client compliance deliverable requirements